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Airbrush make-up has taken the beauty industry by storm for it's incredibly high-definition, long-lasting and flawless results. As a result, airbrush make-up has fast become a number-one application choice for many brides.

Airbase airbrush is a silicone-based foundation which is sprayed evenly onto the face creating a weightless, long-lasting and flawless finish.

The ingredients are also packed full of Vitamin E and Vitamin A which are nourishing for the complexion, giving it a hydration boost as well as a wonderfully youthful finish.

Airbase was designed by professionals for professionals as the airbrush make-up market lacked an airbrush foundation that truly is silicone based.

The finish that the product delivers makes it perfect for all forms of media and now Airbase is a favourite of many British based TV and Film make-up artists, professionals working on catwalk models and glossy magazines and in the high pressure, high speed world of live stage shows. The portability allowed by the Airbase Make-Up compressor means that finally, airbrush make-up can be applied anywhere – even on outside broadcasts.

Airbase is also absolutely fantastic for coverage and disguises acne, scaring, port wine stains and spots all while still looking natural. It also covers tattoos and camouflages vitaligo. This is achieved by using a 'many fine layer' technique. 

So as you can see, airbrushing is not just popular with brides but is also a favourite application choice in TV and Film and loved by many celebrities.

If you want to look as close to perfection as possible then Airbase airbrush make-up will deliver just that.

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Airbrushed foundation and blush for one of my brides.

Airbrushed foundation and blush for one of my brides.